Old But Gold


If you’ve been following through my picture-based social media then you most likely realized that I rarely use a bright color. It’s not because I don’t like bright colors, but it was very challenging for me to find a match from head to toe. That’s why I really like dark colors because they fit with anything and any occasions.

Recently, I’m falling in love with the color of green especially in dark shades. It feels so old but yet so gold. Maybe it’s because the shade of dark green is dark enough that it can be used like black. For the upcoming posts, you can expect a series of dark green in my wardrobe.

I paid a visit to a cafe called Carpentier and they have this edgy but yet vintage feels. I was taking pictures using a dslr together with my friends and the waiter realized that and told their supervisor. The supervisor remind us and she actually sounds like ore to scolding us. Ughh.. So anyway, here are some of the pictures we took before we got scolded..






Shirt – This Is April
Jeans – Levi’s
 Shoes – FLD

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