Cara Cara Inn

edited-3739 copy

I told myself a week before I go to Bali that no matter what, no matter how, I should take a picture in that iconic set, and I could finally crossed it off from my wishlist because I did it! This iconic place belongs to a hostel in Kuta, Bali called Cara Cara Inn.

I extremely enjoy taking pictures in places as instagrammable as this! When I was stalking their instagram, I was screaming wailing inside, to see how breathtaking and chic their designs and architecture. But sadly there were only a few spot for pictures and the other spots were just, normal. But anyway, here are some of the pictures,

edited-3737 copy

edited-3753 copy

edited-3756 copy

I don’t know why but the picture of me holding onto the washing machine reminds me of the song, I ain’t your mama by Jlo lol. I ain’t gon do your laundry I ain’t your mama lol.

edited-3813 copy

Remember my motto from last week’s post? Vacation calories doesn’t count! This is an actual candid of me being dumbfounded.

and i just can’t stop myself from loving the flawless result of my makeup! Yeay?

Earring – H&M
Top – H&M
Pants  Local Brand  
Sandals – Fipper


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