A Day In Ubud

grace mark f4

Who could have guessed that my last 2 days in Bali would be the best days? Through the developing technology of social media, I get to know and meet these amazing peoples. We spent a day in Ubud starting from the sun was still shining brightly, getting drenched in the rain and until the sun sets.

hell yeah


The first place we visit was the Monkey Forest. A friend of mine, named Mark (the shirtless guy in the first picture HAHA) took this flawless picture and edited for me!

Despite the frequent amount of time I visited Bali, I had never entered the Monkey Forest and it was just beautiful and magical. Especially the monkeys, they are a bunch of savages.


grace mark much

Right after the Monkey Forest, we drove to a rice fields located in a place called Tegallalang. It was so narrow that I found my legs started to tremble, but luckily I got an adrenaline junkie beside me so I manage to walk out safely.

We also took a great picture too, and all of them were candids by Todd, my other friend.

A few moments after this picture was taken, the rain started to pour down from the sky and we were drenched in rain before we successfully reached the cafe near the rice fields. We ate lunch and chill for a while, waiting for the rain to stop and then we continue our day to Bukit Campuhan (Campuhan Hills)


Look at the sky tho! Isn’t it magical? We got to see the sunset and finally fly the drone to take some sick footages, CONTENT! HAHA.

And let me review my outfit too,


Inner – No Brand (Bralette)
Outer – H&M (Red Lace)
Pants  H&M
Sandals – Fipper

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