Brunch In Nook

I was wondering about the name of the Cafe I visited, they named it Nook. Right after I sat down, I opened my phone and searched the meaning of it and it mean;
“A small space that is hidden or partly sheltered.”

Right after I know the meaning, I flicked my hand in understanding. The road was narrow, the place was surrounded with ricefields and the parking lot was cramped, now I understand why they named it Nook.

The place is so nice, so comfy and so instagramable too. Every angle, every side of this place could create a great picture for Instagram. So I tried to take a picture in any places, doing ridiculous stuff and turns out, the picture was worthy to be uploaded in my first account in instagram xD


I’m the happiest little girl you might see when I have foods around me.


I’m sure I told you that every spot in this cafe is photogenic, or is it just me? xD

Earring – H&M
Top – H&M
Pants  First Love (Local Brand)  
Sandals – Fipper

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