A Day In Ubud

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Who could have guessed that my last 2 days in Bali would be the best days? Through the developing technology of social media, I get to know and meet these amazing peoples. We spent a day in Ubud starting from the sun was still shining brightly, getting drenched in the rain and until the sun sets.

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Kinda Bad, Kinda Boujee

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Hello guys! It’s been a while since i last update my blog, i am so busy with my university life, i don’t have enough time to update this blog :(, but now i’m back! and hopefully i can regularly update my blog to share my photos of outfit, places and more for you guys!
So, for this photoset, me with my friends stumble upon a cafe in Surabaya called Cattura Espresso. Despite it’s simple architecture and colors you can see from this photoset that, it is photogenic and instagramable!

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