So I never say this before but I’m a KOREAN DRAMA HOLIC! LIKE REALLY CRAZY ABOUT IT OMG OMG! I have watched almost 150 Korean drama series and around 20 Japanese drama series!

Some of my all time favorite Korean drama is;

  1. Playful Kiss
  2. Cunning Single Lady
  3. Lucky Romance
  4. Marriage not Dating
  5. Kill Me Heal Me

My favorite Japanese drama series is

  1. Itazurana Kiss
  2. From 5 to 9

I also watched Japanese movies to!!!!

  1. Close Range Love
  2. I give my first love to you
  3. Say I Love You

So I was thinking, why not I update the new drama series here in my blog with my opinion and reason why you guys should watch it!




Hello everyone, Grace-Sunflower is here >.<” I know I have a pimple on my cheek but I love it when i have a pimple on my cheek just like in the picture. It makes me look like I have a beauty spot there. But anyway I’m not going to talk about my face, I’m going to talk about my OOTD. (finally my school gave me 1 week holiday!)

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:: LABORE ::


Today I’m going to do a review on East Java, Malang’s new Cafe that just opened like around 5 months ago Labore Coffee Eatery. LABORE is my FAVORITE cafe in my town! Not only the food, but the place and hospitality is amazing!!! There is also 3 Giant teddy bears KYAAH~

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:: D’Flavors ::


Spending time with friends by just sitting down and chilling  at a Cafe had become one of the teenagers favorite activities. Recently there is a lot a of new Cafe that opened.

So today I’m going to review a cafe in East Java, Malang City. With the Unique interior design, D’Flavors Cafe. It’s a perfect place for teenagers to hang out!

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